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Does the PSP700 Premium 250w Submersible Pump have a flow switch?
It doesn’t have a flow switch but it does have a float switch
What is the maximum depth the PSP700 Premium 250w Submersible Pump will work to?
With a cable length of 10m, the submersion must be less than that distance.
Where can I find the warranty information for pumps?
You can find the warranty information on the relevant pumps' pages within our pricelist. This makes it convenient for you to access all the necessary details about the warranty for each specific pump model.
Would closing off the skimmer and taking the sand out of the pool via main drain cause a hairline fracture in the Hydro Air AV150 pump casing and causing the pump to start to leak?
Shutting the skimmer itself would typically not create enough pressure change or stress to crack a properly functioning pump body.
The 1.5" pipework doesn't fit my I-Flo Pump
There are 2 x PPF100 adapters in the kit which are designed to convert the 50mm union to a 1.5" connection, allowing the 1.5" pipework to fit your I-Flo Pump.
What can cause an AV200-2DN-S Pump to switch itself off after 5 minutes?
There are a few things that could cause this. There is a thermal overload built into the motor so essentially it's getting too hot.
What material are the parts that touch the fluid made of in an AV100-3DN-S Pump?
The components of the AV100-3DN-S Pump that come into contact with the fluid are made from the following materials:
I have an AG16-2DC Pump, is the motor rated for use with an inverter?
The AG16-2DC Pump is compatible with our Clever Pool Inverter.
I need to replace an Espa Silen M Pump what would you recommend?
If you're looking to replace an Espa Silen M Pump, an Argonaut could be a recommended option, but you would need to make some adjustments to the pipework to ensure a proper fit. This might require the assistance of a qualified technician or plumber to ensure that the installation is carried out correctly and meets all necessary requirements.
My Krystal Clear Pump has an airlock bleed, what is wrong?
An airlock in your Krystal Clear Pump could be caused by a number of issues. Here's what might be wrong:
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Heat Pumps
I need a Fan Motor for a 12.5kw HeatSeeker, what do I need to order?
To replace the fan motor on a 12.5kw HeatSeeker, you can order the HSE002, which is the compatible with both the 9.5kw and 12.5kq models.
How loud is the HeatSeeker 12.5kw unit?
The HeatSeeker 12.5kw unit operates at a noise level of approximately 60 decibels (dB).
What is the HP for an 8kw Single Phase Calorex Heat Pump and a HeatSeeker 5.6kw Horizontal Heat Pump?
Heat pumps, including the 8kw Single Phase Calorex Heat Pump and the HeatSeeker 5.6kw Horizontal Heat Pump, are not measured in horsepower (HP). Instead, the running and startup currents are the relevant specifications, and these can be found in the main Price List.
Can the HeatSeeker be reversed for use on a chiller pool?
The HeatSeeker can indeed be reversed for use on a chiller pool, and this adjustment can be made directly through the control panel.
I want to install the HeatSeeker HSE21ESS with the display panel fitted remotely on the wall and not on the unit, is there an extension cable?
The HeatSeeker HSE21ESS does include an extension cable that allows you to relocate the controller to a remote location, such as a wall. However, please note that these extension cables are not sold separately.
I am getting Error EE04 on my HeatSeeker WBR, what does that mean?
Error code EE04 on a HeatSeeker WBR indicates an issue with either high or low refrigerant pressure. This error often occurs when the circulation pump turns off while the heat pump is still running. If this is not the situation, you may need to investigate the flow rate through the heat pump. To reset the error, you'll need to power the unit off and then on again. If the problem persists, there could be a more serious underlying issue with the unit that requires further examination.
Can a 17kW HeatSeeker heat pump go in a spacious Pump Room?
The 17kW Vertical HeatSeeker heat pump is designed with a large fan at the top, which draws air up through the entire unit, utilizing the side grills for air intake. Although it may seem suitable for a spacious pump room, the manufacturer's instructions specifically state that this heat pump is intended for outside installation only. Installing it inside could lead to the air around the unit cooling rapidly, causing the heat pump to malfunction and not operate correctly.
Which HeatSeeker Control Box should be used for a PCB Motherboard for a HSE1?
For a PCB Motherboard for an HSE1, you would require the HeatSeeker Control Box model HSE008.
What is the efficiency rating of the HeatSeeker?
The HeatSeeker boasts an efficiency rating of COP 5.0, reflecting its high energy efficiency and effectiveness in operation.
My HeatSeeker appears to be leaking inside, why?
What may appear to be a leak inside your HeatSeeker is likely condensation, a normal occurrence for this type of device. You can verify this by testing the water for chlorine content, assuming your pool uses chlorine. To manage the condensation, the HeatSeeker is equipped with built-in drainage clips, allowing you to attach a standard hosepipe for proper drainage.
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Solar Heating
Can a Thermecro Evacuated Tube Solar Heating System be roof mounted?
Yes, a Thermecro Evacuated Tube Solar Heating System can be roof-mounted. This system is designed to be flexible in its installation, and mounting it on the roof is a common practice.
How much energy will you get from a Thermecro Evacuated Tube Solar Heating System on an average day?
The energy output of a Thermecro Evacuated Tube Solar Heating System on an average day depends on several factors including the size of the system, the location, the angle of installation, the amount of sunlight, and local weather conditions.
What should the pressure reading on a Thermecro Solar System be?
For the Thermecro Solar System to operate correctly in the context of a pool interface, the valve should be showing a pressure reading of approximately 0.4 Bar on the manometer.
What is the efficiency rating on Solar Heating Panels?
In the industry, there is a reluctance to provide specific efficiency ratings for solar heating panels. Their performance is generally considered to be effective when the sun is out, especially when used in conjunction with a high-quality pool cover.
What temperature will the water reach in summer using one Solar Pod on a pool 3m x 2m x 0.75m?
It's not possible to assign an exact temperature value to the water in a pool measuring 3m x 2m x 0.75m when using one Solar Pod.
Is a Solar Pod suitable to be used in a pool 1.5m x 2.2m x 60cm deep, inside a purpose built enclosure which is insulated?
If you want to gain an extra 4 to 5 degrees after prolonged sunshine. Then yes it will be fine.
Can a Solar Pod operate with water 40-50°C passing through it?
No, a Solar Pod is specifically designed for the purpose of heating swimming pools and is not intended to operate with water temperatures in the 40-50°C range.
Do I have to place Solar Pod Plus 10ft away from the pool, can they be closer?
The Solar Pod Plus is recommended to be placed 10 feet away from the pool for health and safety reasons. Positioning them closer to the pool might be possible, but it would be at your own risk.
Our 20 Litre Outdoor Solar Shower leaks if a hose isn't constantly attached, why?
The hose connection at the bottom of the 20 Litre Outdoor Solar Shower is lacking a one-way valve, which is why it leaks when not connected. This behaviour is expected for this particular design. The most effective solution to prevent the leak is to install a permanent section of hose that includes either a shut-off valve or a non-return valve. This will ensure that water doesn't escape from the connection point, thereby eliminating the leak.
Why is the Solar shower not heating up after filling the tank 48 hours?
The Solar Shower not heating up after 48 hours could be due to the following reasons:
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Pump Inverters
I have an AG16-2DC Pump, is the motor rated for use with an inverter?
The AG16-2DC Pump is compatible with our Clever Pool Inverter.
Are your Argonaut pumps, particularly the AV250-3DN-2, are suitable for Inverter Drive control?
The AV250-3DN-2 model is suitable for use with digital inverter speed control devices, as it contains no internal circuitry that would hinder compatibility with a digital alternating current supply.
Is the CPI001 Clever Pool Pump Inverter compatible with a Certikin Aqua Speed 1.5hp Pump?
If the Certikin Aqua Speed 1.5hp Pump is a single-phase, single-speed model, then yes, it is compatible with the CPI001 Clever Pool Pump Inverter.
Is the Clever Pool Inverter CPI001 compatible with the Dura Class Model 5P2R5F single phase, 11/2 hp, 1.1kw Sta-rite pump?
The Dura Class Model 5P2R5F single-phase, 1.5 hp, 1.1 kW Sta-rite pump is indeed compatible with the Clever Pool Inverter CPI001.
What does error code OLP mean on a Clever Pool Pump Inverter?
Error code "OLP" on a Clever Pool Pump Inverter refers to "Overload Protection." This code is triggered when the inverter detects an overload condition in the connected equipment, such as the pump. It's a safety feature that prevents damage to the components by shutting down or limiting operation until the condition is resolved.
My Clever Pool Pump Inverter operates in low, medium or high mode, the pump has an unpleasant noise, it is normal when in backwash mode?
When the Clever Pool Pump Inverter operates in low, medium, or high mode, it's not uncommon for some pumps to produce a different noise compared to their standard operating sound. Slowing down the pump can sometimes cause it to emit a humming or buzzing noise. This sound is characteristic of certain pumps when their speed is reduced, and while it may seem concerning, it is a normal aspect of their operation. It won't lead to any damage or issues with the pump's performance.
Is a clever-pool pump inverter compatible with a 2hp Astral Victoria Plus Silent single phase?
Yes, the Clever Pool Pump Inverter is compatible with the 2hp Astral Victoria Plus Silent single-phase pump.
Why does the inverter not change the pump speed?
The Clever Pool Pump Inverter always starts at full speed allows the system to be primed, ensuring that the pump is fully filled with the fluid it's moving, and that any air is removed from the system. This full-speed priming process generally takes one to two minutes, after which the inverter will reduce the pump's speed to the selected setting.
Can the Clever Pool Pump inverter run two pumps?
No, the Clever Pool Pump inverter is designed to control a single pump.
Why does the Clever Pool inverter start at Max speed every time it is switched on?
The Clever Pool inverter starts at the maximum speed every time it's switched on to prime the system effectively.
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Can I cut down a main drain gasket to fit?
Cutting down a main drain gasket to fit a specific application is not recommended. Gaskets are designed and manufactured to precise specifications to ensure a proper seal. Altering the size or shape of a gasket may lead to leaks, reduced performance, or even failure of the system.
Have the Plastica Skimmer hole alignments changed?
The Plastica Skimmer hole alignments have indeed changed, and it may be necessary to adapt the faceplate to fit the old skimmer body. This update could impact compatibility with existing equipment, so it's essential to be aware of the changes and make the necessary adjustments during installation.
Main Drain - When installing a main drain in the shallow end of a pool, which they will be able to walk on should it be stainless steel rather than an anti vortex grille?
Fitting the main drains 2 meters apart is a wise measure to avoid entrapment, and utilizing stainless steel material that's scuff-proof is ideal for areas that will be walked on.
Can we open two panels at the end of a fencing run and then replace after use?
The swimming pool safety fence uses screws to clamp the beads and secure the hemmed net in place adjusting the size of the panels or tampering with the original construction will void the warranty and affect the return policy.
I am fixing my Rollaway Fencing into grass with grass stakes, is this suitable for the gate?
The safety fence gate requires fixing into concrete to provide the necessary stability and strength for the gate to function properly. The repeated movement and the additional stress that gates experience compared to the rest of the fence require a more robust foundation. Concrete footings will ensure that the gate remains aligned and operates smoothly without the risk of loosening or failing over time.
How do I work out how much rollaway fencing I need?
To calculate how much fencing you would require we will demonstrate as follows using a 5m x 10 pool as an example:
What are the warranty terms provided for an Air Dome Blower?
The standard warranty for the Air Dome Blower, is two years.
Is there a method to adjust the sensitivity settings of the Immerstar alarm system?
False alarms with the IMMERSTAR device are often attributed to improper placement.
What are the warranty conditions for Power Pack Batteries?
Power Pack Batteries are not covered under any warranty.
Can the connection hoses be put over the side of the Intex pool or does it have to connect to the sides? Can it also be used in line with an Intex 28684 Electric Pool Heater?
We wouldn't recommend placing the connection hoses over the sides of the pool and recommend that they should be attached using the connection points attached to the Intex pool. There should be no problem with the filter being used alongside an Intex...
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Counter Current Units
What is the difference between the electrical draw on the Aquajet50 and Aquajet100?
Despite utilizing different pump systems, the Aquajet50 and Aquajet100 share the same motor, resulting in no difference in their electrical draw.
XST002K - Dual Pump X-Stream Kit what KW’s does it require?
The XST002K - Dual Pump X-Stream Kit is equipped with two Wiper 3 HP pumps, and each pump has a power requirement of 2.25 KW.
Is a plumbing kit included with the jet kit?
The basic plumbing kit is not part of the jet kit and must be acquired separately. If you have any more specific needs or questions, feel free to ask!
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Wooden Pools
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Pipe & Fittings
What temperature can you not use PVC pipe and fittings?
It's advised not to use PVC pipe and fittings at temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius.
PPF1015 - 1.5in Class C Pipe 3 Meter Length - what are the internal & external sizes?
The PPF1015 - 1.5” Class C Pipe 3 Meter Length features an external diameter of Ø48.3mm, with a tolerance of -0.2mm/+0.1mm.
The glue has melted the hosetail and it has fallen off the heat pump and the pool has emptied, help!
The solvent-based glue, especially if applied in excessive amounts, can indeed react with ABS plastic, compromising its integrity and causing it to melt or deform.
What is the maximum weight load that can be on top of the Easy Drain Plus with the grate?
The Easy Drain Plus is designed to support a maximum load of 200 kilograms
Is adhesive required to secure the pipe of the Easy Drain Plus? I've observed that when using nailing clips, the connection does not seem entirely stable, raising concerns that the pipe may dislodge.
Utilizing a product such as Rota Bond is a sensible choice.
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What Watt is the Krispol Bulb?
The Krispol Bulb has a power rating of 100 watts.
An underwater bulb was working after installation but the next day it wasn't. It was replaced but the old one had half filled with water and then stopped. There isn't a hole or fracture, sometimes it drips but can't pinpoint where from.
The issue with the underwater bulb filling with water and subsequently stopping is likely a result of the back of the light being exposed to water, where the internal components are not adequately sealed.
Will EPF272 take an LED light?
The EPF272 is compatible with any PAR 56 light, including models such as WEM20, WEM40, WEM30, LED006g, allowing the flexibility to use LED options.
What bulbs do you have with a bayonet fitting?
The LED011 and LED002 models are designed with bayonet fittings, suitable for applications requiring this type of connection.
I would like to replace my Certikin Halogen Lights to LED units, what would be suitable?
The suitable replacement for your Certikin Halogen Lights with LED units will depend on the specific Certikin light model you have. Generally, PAR56 bulbs are designed to be a direct replacement, working with the same power supply as the old halogen units but consuming significantly less energy. If you are looking for straightforward white replacements, you can utilize your existing 300w transformer without any issues.
My Multi Coloured Lights are stuck on one colour, why?
The reason your multi-colored lights are stuck on one color is likely due to the necessity of a Synchronization Panel. This panel is required to manage and change the light sequence, allowing the colors to shift as intended.
Does the BRIO-RC come with a remote control unit?
The BRIO-RC, BRIO-RC+, BRIO100-RC, and BRIO300-RC models all come with remote control functionality as they are part of remote-controlled synchronization kits.
What comes with the WCX15 Mini Chroma LED 15w RGBW Underwater Light?
Just the light and its bezel
Can I buy an LED bulb and faceplate for the WHL350 from you?
The bulb is available as a spare part KRI 00050. Unfortunately we can no longer get the faceplates.
Does the PU91011NC Light come with a cable? If so, what length is supplied?
Enough to reach the deck box and put on deck for bulb replacement, its 2.8m
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