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  1. Image of 1.5" Class C Pipe
    1.5in Plastica White Class C Pipe 1.5m length - Pack of 8
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  2. Relax 7kg PH Minus
    7kg Relax Pool pH Minus - Box of 2
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  3. Image of Plastica Argonaut Pump
    Plastica Argonaut Pump 0.33hp 0.24kW Single Phase 5.8m³ per hour @ 9m head
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  4. Image of Polyweave
    Plastica Polyweave GeoBubble Heat Retention Cover per sqm
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  5. Image of 43mm Stainless Steel Standard Ladder with 2Treads
    Plastica 43mm (1.7in) 2 Tread Standard Ladder in 316 Grade Stainless Steel
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  6. Image of Nazca 4m x 2m Wooden Pool
    Plastica Nazca 4m x 2m Wooden Pool
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  7. Image of Small Slidelock Telescopic Reel
    Plastica Small Standard Slidelock Reel
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  8. Image of 2in 90 Deg Elbow
    2in Plastica White 90 Deg Elbow P P - Pack of 10
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Plastica, manufacturing for the pool trade since 1972

Image of Making Heat Retention Cover
Image of Manufacturing ABS Pipe Fittings
Image of Making Solar Cover
Image of Making Winter Debris Covers
Image of Manufacturing ABS Pipe
Image of Making Argonaut Pump
Image of Making Stainless Steel Ladders
Image of Making Reel Systems