1.     Introduction and Definitions

(a)   These Terms and Conditions are additional to Plastica Ltd’s Terms and Conditions of Sale.

(b)   “the Company” is Plastica Ltd.

(c)    “the Customer” is any person, firm or other company using the Websites.

(d)   “the Websites” means:

      (i)    www.plasticapools.net

      (ii)   any other domain name owned by the Company.

(e)   “the Services” means the provision of the Websites and of any services to the Customer delivered through them.


2.     Security

(a)   Orders placed over the Internet are placed using secure passwords and the Customer is solely and fully liable for:

      (i)    its obligations arising from any order placed using such a secure password;

      (ii)   any misuse of such passwords or failure to keep such passwords confidential.

(b)   By using the Services the Customer warrants that any credit or debit card used to make a purchase via the Websites is one the Customer is authorised to use and that sufficient funds or credit are available on it to cover the full cost of any goods or services ordered from the Company.

(c)    The Company has the right to obtain validation of the Customer’s credit or debit card details before providing any goods or services.


3.     Conduct

(a)   By using the Websites the Customer agrees not to engage in any conduct or activities:

      (i)     in breach of these Terms and Conditions or any other Terms and Conditions made available by the Company;

      (ii)   contrary to any applicable laws or statutes;

      (iii)  that may affect the performance or availability of the Websites.

(b)   The Company may at its sole discretion limit or deny access to the Websites to any Customer it considers to be in breach of clause 3(a).


4.     Returned Goods

Goods purchased via the Websites may only be returned in accordance with clause 12 of the Company’s Terms and Conditions of Sale.


5.     No Warranty as to Advice

The information provided on the Websites is not a substitute for professional advice and by accessing the Websites the Customer agrees that he is not relying on such information as professional advice.


6.     Warranty and Exclusions

(a)   The Company warrants to the Customer that the Services will be provided with reasonable care and skill.  Such warranty is subject to the qualifications and exclusions as set out below.

(b)   The availability of the Services depends on factors including the availability of the Websites, the quality of the Customer’s Internet connection, and other such factors that are by their nature not fault-tolerant.

(c)    All Services are provided on an ‘as-is’ basis and the Company expressly excludes any warranty over:

      (i)     the availability of Services;

       (ii)   the performance of the Websites;

       (iii)  any information obtained or derived through use of the Websites;

       (iv)  the accuracy or completeness of information on the Website or any site linked from the Website,

(d)   The Company specifically excludes any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for purpose, availability for use or freedom from virus or malware in respect of the Services.

(e)   The Company and its affiliates may alter or delete the products, services and information available from the Websites at any time and without notice.

(f)    The Company is under no obligation to update or amend the information on the Websites.

(g)   The Company will not be liable to the Customer or any third party for any loss howsoever caused arising or flowing from:

       (i)   the non-availability of the Services;

       (ii)   the use of information on or available through the Websites.


7.     Intellectual Property

(a)   All trade marks, company names and product names featured on the Websites are the property of their respective owners.

(b)   Save as otherwise specified, content of the Websites, including but not limited to text and images is copyright © Plastica Ltd 2018.

(c)    Certain images on the Websites are owned by and are used with the permission of third parties.

(d)   Any request for use (commercial or non-commercial) of any content on the Websites should be made to the Company in writing.


8.     Data Protection

The Company is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and complies with all its obligations under the Data Protection Act 2018 and other applicable data protection law.  A copy of the Company’s Data Protection Policy is available on request.