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Plastica Blue 400 Solar Cover 10ft x 20ft

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Outdoor swimming pools absorb up to 85% of direct solar energy from the water's surface. However, when not in direct sunlight, pools lose energy and warmth in cooler air. A solar pool cover optimizes solar energy absorption and conserves heat by sealing it in the water. It can raise the temperature of a pool as much as 20° Farenheit within a week. According to the Energy Star organization, covering a pool when it is not being used is the most effective way to save on heating costs.

Eliminate Water Evaporation

With a Plastica pool cover you will be reducing your water consumption and your water charges, as well as saving a vital natural resource. Research carried out, in collaboration with the Brighton and London Metropolitan Universities, proced that the evaporation loss in the UK for an average sized pool, 4m x 8m, is approximately 32,000 litres per year. This figure is considerably higher for hotter climates.

Reduce Debris Contamination

Debris such as leaves, dirt, insects and bird droppings are not only unsightly in a pool but also provide nutrients for algae and bacteria to feed on. When the pool is covered these contaminants will be kept out of the water, greatly improving the quality and appearance of the water.

Save Money

A Plastica solar cover will save money by reducing water evaporation and saving energy. The pool cover will typically pay for itself in less than a year.


The Plastica 400 micron solar covers have a 3 year pro rata warranty.

Environmental Benefits

By reducing the amount of energy needed to heat and filter your pool water, a Plastica solar cover will greatly reduce your CO2 footprint. It also conserves water and, at the end of its life, a Plastica solar cover is 100% recyclable.


  • UV stabilised
  • 400 micron
  • 0.37kg per sq.m
  • Blue top and underside
  • 3 year pro-rata warranty (UK and Eire)
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Manufacturer Plastica
Colour Blue
Re-stock date In Stock
Warranty 3 Year Pro Rata (UK & Eire)
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